New Garage Furniture Website

New Garage Furniture Website for 2017

Garage Furniture UK website from Showman

As we draw towards the end of 2017, and we enter our our traditional housekeeping time, we set our sights on our new garage furniture showcase website.

Here at Showman, we price ourselves on our manufacturing abilities. From concept to product we control all stages of production in house at our purpose built manufacturing facility in Nottnghamshire, Great Britain.

Over the past thirty years, we have honed our skills through the manufacture of bespoke retail products, and our other range of stock products and cabinets. The skills we have gained over the past thirty years have been applied to our new garage furniture.

New Garage furniture

Whilst developing our new range of cabinets, we wanted to offer a durable and quality item, whilst being different from the competition. Our us

e of painted metal and stainless steel provides a contrast whilst providing durable contact areas that will survive repeated use.

Our modern yet traditional design has been created to offer a less industrial feel when compared to the rest. Whilst we know that many commercial workshops use this equipment, there are many private garages that have it installed also. For them, the less commercial the better.

As it turns out, the hardest part of the development process for us has been choosing what colour to pant the launch products. At the moment we are working towards a cream, a red or blue.

Our new garage furniture range is set to be launched to the public at the Classic car and restoration show at Birmingham's NEC early 2018. In the mean time, you can either contact us to discuss, or buy online at our selected retailers.

In addition, don't forget that we also offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service. This allows you to customise our products to meet your specific requirements.