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Bespoke Garage Furniture
Bespoke Garage Storage Cabinets
Here at Showman, we manufacture all our garage furniture units ourselves. As a result they can be tailored to meet your exacting requirements. This is our bespoke garage furniture solution, and this service is now easier than ever to take advantage of.

Bespoke Design



Garage Furniture Made to Your Requirements

Bespoke Garage Storage Cabinets.

Today, more than ever, we expect things to be customised to how we want them. From houses, to cars and so on, we are increasingly offered greater levels of customisation options than ever before. This not only allows us to express our personality better, but it allows us to tailor the design to better meet our dreams. So if you can customise your car to have a black roof with a yellow body, why not make your garage furniture match? Allow us to make this reality.

Bespoke manufacture benefits.

Bespoke garage furniture can take many levels of customisation. You may want a colour that we don't show in our standard range, or a cupboard to house something obscure. We can make it for you.

The bespoke manufacturing process is very similar to standard. Firstly, we meet with the customer, either over the phone or a site visit, to get a better understanding of the requirements. Following this, wherever possible, we will do a site visit to measure the available space. Then its onto the design stage. We will work with the requirements set out by the customer, to either use stock cabinets or bespoke garage furniture to propose a layout. Once approved, we then start manufacturing using the process that can be seen by following this link.

Its often thought that bespoke means expensive. And whilst bespoke does carry a premium over our standard pricing, we are already some of the best value quality garage furniture on the market today. So you may be pleasantly surprised.


Whilst we make the majority of our garage furniture items to order, bespoke items will take a little longer. Our standard lead time for single units is around 10 working days, however bespoke items can take up to 4 working weeks. It all deepens on how bespoke your requirements are.

For more information on our bespoke garage furniture, please get in touch.


How we manufacture your bespoke garage furniture

Manufacturing bespoke garage furniture isn't too far from the recipe we have for making stock cabinets. Depending on how bespoke you go.


Bespoke design offers you a freedom to create something truly unique to you. Depending on how bespoke you go, depends on the design and manufacturing processes.


If you are looking for different colours, or stainless components, we would simply prepare a design specification and visualisation for you to approve prior to commencing manufacture. Once this is approved, we will use the conventional manufacturing process. This process traditionally does not take much longer than stock items as all the components use our stock design.


If you are looking for bespoke design, i.e. cabinets to fit into a specific area, or something unique to you, then the process takes a little longer. Here, we strongly recommend a site visit so that we can measure up the available space ourselves. This allows us to get an idea of the space that we are working with and create a mental picture. Once we have measured up, we will go away and create visuals for you to approve. Once you are happy with the proposal and have signed off the drawings we will start manufacture. The process is as follows:

  1. Site visit to measure up the available space.

  2. Prepare drawings / visualisations giving a 3D representation of our proposal

  3. Customer approved drawings / manufacturing starts

  4. Components are laser cut

  5. Laser cut blanks are press formed into shape

  6. The formed blanks are then welded together to form the end components

  7. These end components are powder coated (if required) in the customers choice of colour

  8. The finished components are assembled together

  9. The cabinets are now ready to be shipped to the customer for installation