Showman Garage Furniture Offer:

Design and Installation Services

Here at Showman, we offer a dedicated and tailored garage design and installation service. We offer this to ensure the final fit and finish of your garage is to the standards you expect.

Garage Design and Installation

Garage Design and Installation Services Tailored to You

Garage Design

No obligation design services. Whether you are looking for a row of cabinets across the back wall, or a complete garage make over, we can help. Our CAD visualisations will enable you to better visualise you ideas. 

Working off your photos and dimensions, we can use your ideas, or you can sit back and let us submit a proposal for what we think best.

This process is usually very quick and will offer a good idea of how the end product will look. It allows us to make changes quickly too. Please click on the button below to read more about this service.

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Garage Installation

Our installation services are the ideal for those with little free time, our for more complicated installations, our garage fit out and installation services are second to none. From installation of your cabinets, through to finishing flooring and walls, we offer a complete garage installation package. Please click on the button below, or contact us for further information.

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