How We Make our Garage Furniture


We have gone to great lengths with the design of our garage furniture to ensure that it both looks good, lasts and works how you expect it to.

Below are some of the features that set our garage furniture apart from the rest:

  • 1.2mm thick mild steel construction, welded together for strength, finished with a tough and durable powder coat in a colour of your choosing.

  • Full length piano hinge down all doors. This both looks good, allows better access into the cabinet and is much stronger and more durable than some other hinging methods.

  • Stainless steel design strip and work surfaces. This breaks up the solid colour of the cabinets and provides a tough, durable and hygienic work surface.

Industiral Design Car Sketch 2


The Manufacturing Process Behind Our Garage Furniture


All cabinets start out as a flat sheet of mild steel. These sheets are then laser cut into shape. Using a laser gives us more versatility to create intricate shapes. It also ensures that the blanks produced are identical, time after time. Lasers also create a clean cut edge, with no sharp points, this is safer for production, and the end user.
This results in a repeatable product and an improved quality product.

Laser Cutting


Using a CNC press break, we accurately and repeatably form the blank sheets into a shape that starts to resemble the cabinets they will become.
The press uses a male and female tool that force the flat sheet into shape. Using a calculated force, the press can create and bend we require.


Once the cabinets are bent into shape, they are welded into shape. Welding the cabinets,rather than using rivets, endures a stronger, more durable join. Every welded uses a jig to hold the cabinets in shape whilst they are joined together. They then sand away and weld excess, creating a smooth, often invisible join.



Once the cabinets are formed together, they move over into our purpose built paint shop. Here they are prepped and painted. Before they are painted, they first need to be cleaned. This removes and grease or foreign bodies that could affect the paint finish.
Once they are clean, they are suspended from a conveyor that will carry them through the powder booth and then onto the oven. The painting process takes a couple of hours from start to finish. We can finish your cabinets in a wide range of colours, gloss or matt, metallics and textures.


Once the cabinets are painted, they are transported back to our main factory, just a few metres away. Here the freshly painted components are assembled to form the finished product. The assembly process is done entirely by hand. At the same time, the operator checks the product for imperfections, and ultimately, once they are happy, packs the item ready to be shipped.

Hardware Tools
Delivery Men


Once all your order is ready to be shipped, we dispatch it. Depending on whether it is to be installed by ourselves or not, depends on how we do this. 
All local orders are delivered by our own transport. Any items to be installed by us are also delivered by ourselves. Any other items are shipped using a range of couriers. We select the one that is most likely to take care of a parcel of a certain size. Typically we use APC or DX logistics, however this could change.