Hazardous Substance CoSHH Cabinets

Hazardous Substance CoSHH Cabinets

Our range of hazardous substance / flamable CoSHH cabinets are designed to store substances covered under the "Control of Substances Hazardous to Health" regulations. Hazardous substance CoSHH cabinets are ideal for storing substances clasified with the flamable symbol, seporating them from other CoSHH chemicals.

Our flamable CoSHH cabinets are yellow in colour and come with adjustable shelving and a fully welded sump in the base.

  • Sizes

    Overall sizes:

    • SHAZ733 - 700mm H x 350mm W x 300mm D
    • SHAZ663 - 600mm H x 600mm W x 300mm D
    • SHAZ944 - 900mm H x 460mm W x 460mm D
    • SHAZ794D - 700mm H x 900mm W x 460mm D - Double Door
    • SHAZ994D - 900mm H x 900mm W x 460mm D - Double Door
    • SHAZ1294D - 1200mm H x 900mm W x 460mm D - Double Door
    • SHAZ1874D - 1800mm H x 700mm W x 460mm D - Double Door
Colour: yellow