Garage furniture, an evolutionary moment

New Range of Garage Furniture

Garage Furniture from Showman

The Showman range of garage furniture “helps save the marriages of craftsmen (and craftswomen)” throughout the United Kingdom.

Now that’s a bold statement!

Showman Garage Furniture Assembly

Well, there was a time when we craftsmen had to make do with cast off furniture, tea chests and old book shelves to store our workshop tools.

Thankfully this no longer has to be the case. We can equip our glorious garages and wonderful workshops with storage units that befits our needs and perhaps our illusory standing. Why should it be that only the kitchen is equipped with all the wondrous cupboards and drawers, incorporating magical moving storage baskets and intricate wine and culinary storage systems? We thankfully can now have all these magnificent and wonderful cabinets made to a high standard and which are robust enough to withstand our extraordinary and substantial projects and endeavours. After all, how can we “reinvent the wheel” without a proper workshop in which to do it? How can we do all the intricate and complex tasks required of us by our better halves? Jobs like re-flexing the Hoover, repairing the stove and the many other complex and hazardous task we are required to undertake? After all, if we are not allowed to remove the head gasket on the kitchen table we have to have another suitable place on which to do it.

Well now Ladies and Gentlemen,we do.

The Showman range of garage furniture offers a comprehensive and well-made range of cabinets and work-space solutions to equip our workshops to our own specific requirements and at affordable prices. The equipment is very well made and robust being manufactured from thicker steel than the competition. The stock range offers a good variety of cabinet configurations ensuring most particular requirements can be met. There is also a range of bespoke garage furniture available to be manufactured to suit particular, and specific requirements. Because they manufacture the metalwork in their own factory in the UK the design criteria is almost limitless. Give them a call they will be happy to speak to you about your requirements.