Garage Furniture at the Classic Car Show

Showman Garage Furniture at the Classic Car and Restoration Show

Whilst we’re old hands at exhibiting other products in our range, we’re really excited about the forthcoming Classic car and restoration show.

Longtime motoring enthusiasts we’ll be in our element at this type of show and can’t wait to launch our new range of garage furniture at what will be a fantastic motoring event. We’ve manufactured medical and other cabinets for more years than we care to remember, and the launch of this new product will be a complete change from our other cabinets and just as well received we’re sure. The usual medical shows we attend are very formal and whilst the attendees are quite jolly we are looking forward to meeting other motoring buffs like ourselves at this type of event. We’re dressing for the part too, whilst we’re at the show we’ll be in classic white mechanics overalls and flat caps (how stereotypical is that?).

Showman garage furniture at the classic car and restoration show 2018

There will be quite a lot of product to bring with us and so we’ll be bringing a couple of the chaps from the workshop with us to help with the buildup. They’re well-made units so we’ll need some willing souls to help us assemble the display and it will give them an insight into how the exhibition is run.

In comparison to the other medical shows we exhibit, this one’s going to be a bit more tiring. It’s a longer show and we hope there will be more interaction with customers as the footfall will be much greater.

The medical shows are less well attended as the delegates are mainly there as part of their training requirement and as exhibitors we are there partly to subsidize their entrance fee. Whereas the Classic car and restoration show is a “want to come” event so attendees are there because they want to, not because they have to. Hopefully this will make them a better and more receptive audience. We also hope that they will be the right type of demographic for our product and they will put their hands in their pockets. Time will tell and here’s hoping!